Youth Law Australia is a community legal service that is dedicated to helping children and young people in Australia and their supporters to find a legal solution to their problems.

Previously named the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre, Youth Law Australia is Australia’s only national, technology-based community legal service. TeachLaw is run by Youth Law Australia and they are dedicated to addressing the human rights abuses of children and young people in Australia. Youth Law Australia believe in equality and justice for all children and young people, and we work to achieve this by connecting and empowering young Australians with free legal information and knowledge. In other words, Youth Law Australia works to help keep more children in school, out of trouble and free from bullying, harassment or child abuse.

Youth Law Australia provides legal information through its online factsheets which you can access here and legal advice and help through its tailored advice service, which you can access here.

You can visit Youth Law Australia’s website here.



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