Cyber-bullying - Years 11-12

There are no specific laws in Queensland that make it illegal to “cyber-bully” another person. However, there are a range of criminal laws that may apply to incidents of cyber-bullying. In addition, there are civil laws and various policies (e.g. school or workplace) which may address cyber-bullying. It is important that young people are aware not only of the steps they can take to put an end to cyber-bullying, but what to do if they have intentionally or accidentally cyber-bullied another person to avoid severe consequences.

This module is designed to explain the laws that may apply to cyber-bullying and provide practical information for students that may have been a victim to, or a perpetrator of cyber-bullying. It is not intended to replace legal advice and young people are encouraged to speak to a professional if they require counselling support or legal advice.

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Last updated: January 2019

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